Waxing Guide

For perfect, smooth, and hair-free limbs, follow our easy-to-use instruction guide and know exactly how to use MyCocoSkin in the comfort of your own home, just like a pro!

Step 1 Preparation

It’s all about the prep.  Heat up your wax first and then reduce the temperature, so it hovers between “medium” and “max”.  Allow your wax to stand for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Remember to use a wooden spoon to stir MyCocoSkin every now and again, as it melts.  It should look syrupy.  A lot of the work is in the prep because the end result depends on the wax being at the optimum temperature.  To test the wax, just smooth a little on the top of your hand. It should feel warm to hot – never burning hot!

Step 2 Waxing Treatment

Wax to the right temperature?  Great – let’s move to this step and start waxing.  It’s always best to apply the wax in the same direction as the hair’s growth.  Dip the wooden spatula into the wax pot and remove it, twirl the spatula round so it doesn’t drip and gently apply it directly to your limbs, again, in the direction of hair growth.

Wait ten seconds, until the wax hardens.

Then, using your hand, pull the skin taut and hold it in place.  With your free hand, remove the wax to the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Step 3 Post-Treatment

Once you’ve finished waxing, we’d recommend applying a soothing cream or a hydrating moisturiser.  Aloe Vera gel is brilliant for just-waxed skin.

Please note, you may experience redness and a slight rash after waxing, this is very common especially for first-time users of MyCocoSkin, even though it’s a plant-based wax.  This is because the hair follicles are very deep.  Always use a soothing gel, such as Aloe Vera.  The redness will fade in a few hours.


How to Wax Your Body Parts

Forget costly, timely visits to the beauty salon when you’d rather be at home!  With MyCocoSkin, you get more time, save money and still be silky-smooth and hair-free, with no need to take a trip to the beauty salon! 

Here’s what you need to know for successful waxing at home:

Before you wax

  • Allow your hair to grow to at least 3 to 5mm long.
  • Exfoliate the skin the day before waxing
  • If you can, practice using MyCocoSkin on your legs or arms before attempting the bikini line.

During waxing

  • Always begin by testing the wax temperature, it should be hot but not burning
  • Apply the wax on area you want to eliminate hair
  • Apply wax in the direction of the hair growth (with the grain)
  • Allow the wax to harden slightly
  • Hold the waxed area of the skin taut with one hand and pull off the wax in one, quick and smooth motion with the other hand. Do this against the direction of the hair growth (against the grain)
  • Move onto the next area (never apply wax to multiple areas at once)


  • Upper armpits: apply wax upwards, in the direction of the hair growth (with the grain)
  • Lower armpits: apply wax downwards, in the direction of the hair growth (with the grain)

After waxing

  • Remove any residue
  • Apply a soothing Aloe Vera gel or similar (you can also use an unperfumed oil)
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that won’t rub the waxed skin



If you use MyCocoSkin on your eyebrows, take it slowly and use a minimal amount.  Clean up the final result using tweezers for perfect, matching brows.





Is there anything I should do before I wax?

There’s nothing necessary but for really great results, we’d suggest a good exfoliation treatment on the area you want to wax, such as a body scrub. 

You could do this the day before ideally but if you do it on the same day, that’s ok too.  Bear in mind that if you exfoliate just before you wax, you risk the scrub’s oil settling around the hairs.

This could prevent the wax from gripping the hairs tightly so you might not get the result you want.


Do I need to do anything post-waxing?

There are a few, small things that help make your legs even smoother and softer!  First, remove any residue wax from your skin.  Do this using an oil or just hot water.

Then, we’d suggest applying a soothing cream like Aloe Vera to your skin or you could use a non-perfumed oil. 

For first-time MyCocoSkin users, you might experience a little irritation, this is because your follicles are very deep.

Aloe Vera will calm any inflammation down and it should disappear within a few hours.


Can I go in the sun straight after waxing?

As soon as you’ve waxed, you’ll find your skin is more sensitive than usual.  So, do avoid direct sunlight and tanning booths – wait at least 24 hours before exposing newly waxed skin to the sun.

If you are intending to sunbathe or be in sunlight, work your waxing time in so that you have sufficient time for your skin to calm down.

Don’t ever rush waxing, take your time for the best result!


Is there a difference between the colors?

No, the colour of the wax doesnt mean there is a difference in the ingredients


Are application spatulas included?

Yes! When ordering a kit from MyCocoSkin spatulas will be included.


How many treatments are there in one bag of beads?

If we consider a treatment is 15-20cm wax strip, you can expect to have about 10 treatment with a beans bag of MyCocoSkin. That should be enough for waxing one leg.


How do you clean the bowl?

Easy-peasy, just throw the excess melted wax in the bin, and rinse the bowl under hot water. After that, use some oil – coco oil works fine – and rub the remaining wax.


Can the melted wax be recycled?

We do not recommend reusing the wax as the results may be different than if you were to melt the wax for the first time.


Can I use it to remove my nose hair?

Of course! Our wax works on all body part, nose included.


How warm does the heater get?

It can be set between 0 to 55 °C



Great Waxing Tips & Tricks!


  • Ensuring your wax is set at the correct temperature is essential. The correct temperature is approximately 50-55 °
  • To achieve the temperature, you heat the wax pearls to the wax heater’s maximum temperature. Once that’s reached, reduce the temperature so it’s halfway between maximum and medium.
  • Next, let the wax stand at that temperature for 5 to 10 minutes before applying it.
  • If the wax is not warm enough, it will lie on top of the hairs, instead of gripping them.
  • In most cases, if the wax doesn’t remove all the hair, it’s almost always because the wax wasn’t warm enough.
  • Always test the wax first, on the top of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot!


  • You don’t need to clean your wax heater every time you use it
  • Left over wax can be re-used. Simply heat it up the next time you use MyCocoSkin
  • You will need to clean your wax heater after you’ve used it two or three times
  • To do so, simply use warm water, gentle alcohol solution and a soft bristle brush
  • Keep the top on the wax heater while you heat it up and again or when it’s not in use to prevent bacteria building up