About MyCocoSkin


Hey babe! In a (coco) nutshell, we promise top-notch silky skin from the comfort of your home


Our story begins in summer 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal, where Emma took some days off from her daily routine. She had been talking with Paolo, her Portuguese colleague, for a long time and Sunday was finally the day for their first date.

Wanting to have beautiful shiny legs for that night, Emma looked for a last-minute appointment to get rid of her leg hair. 

But guess what?

Not a single salon was open to give her the beautiful hair-free legs she wanted!

Uh-oh, it was time to find an emergency solution!! Emma ended up shaving her legs, regrettably cutting herself twice.

Not a big deal for a first date, you’ll say! But her confidence was crushed. She would have given a lot to have freshly waxed skin instead of itchy cut legs.

But as we say, every problem has a creative solution!

After brainstorming on the seaside of Lisbon, Emma thought: what if you could wax yourself at home to get long-term silky-smooth skin without the cuts and ingrown hairs from a razor?

MyCocoSkin was born! 

Emma buckled down and came up with a gentle and effective wax formula that sticks to hair, not skin. This means the results are smoother and longer-lasting – without any skin damage or irritation.

The wax combined with a high-performing home-heater ended up being everything necessary to become the bestseller MyCocoSkin.

After having extensively tested the kit on different kinds of skin, it was finally time to release it on the internet! And thanks to social media spreading the message, MyCocoSkin has quickly grown in popularity across the globe.

Voilà! Now you know everything about us babe!

All that's left is to wish you a happy waxing experience with us.